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Szczesny's new paintings - Pure and bright colors as a structure of a vitalist pictorial space

On June 22, 1863, Eugène Delacroix wrote in his Diary : "The first merit of a painting is to be a feast for the eye.” This quote is often taken up by Stefan Szczesny when asked to explain his artistic approach, which is characterized by the desire to develop a plastic language that is articulated - as defined by Friedrich W. Kasten in his article "Stefan Szczesny - Freude am Malen : Der Künstler im Dialog mit der Tradition" (April 1986) - both around the “lightness of the hand, of the painter's gesture” and the “rigor of his formal creative process”.

"Paintings are complex puzzles in the twilight world between abstraction and figuration. I use the medium in a simple, unsophisticated way to express what I don't see expressed anywhere else."

Stefan Szczesny

His artworks are the result of a clever balance between successive juxtapositions of abstract lines, the use of pure and bright colors and generous figurative forms linking the different planes of his compositions and thus giving birth to a dynamic unity of the pictorial space on which the artist deploys his singular iconography rich in references to art history, to his life experience, his travels, his visions of a harmonious, sensual, radiant and beautiful world.

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