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  • Photo du rédacteurCéline Seidler-Bahougne

Into The Caribbean Paradise : Stefan Szczesny's exhibition at Anse Chastanet Gallery in St. Lucia

Like every year, since the mid-1990s, Stefan Szczesny returns to his Caribbean paradise in Saint Lucia where he has produced some of his memorable paintings and watercolors, such as the "Rain Forest" series (1994) exhibited at Anse Chastanet Resort. At the gallery adjoining the magnificent hotel complex, he inaugurated on February 12, 2020 his new exhibition where we can admire a selection of thirty original prints. The luxurious tropical vegetation of the Caribbean punctuates the background of his sensual and generous compositions in which the curves of moving bodies, the use of warm colors and decorative ornaments give birth to joyful, beautiful and sensual artworks.

Exhibition from February, 12 - April 2020 at Anse Chastanet Gallery, Soufriere, St. Lucia.

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